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World Cup Tickets

Well it is official now, NO tickets for me in Phase 1.

Phase 2 is a first in first served round which is Monday May 4th. No details on what time yet. I imagine it will be a log into the Web Site and select tickets to the games you want etc. With so many people on the site it will be very slow.

If it is anything like 2005/06 then it will be an all nighter pressing the F5 key to keep trying to get the page.



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World Cup Tickets

Now unless you have no idea about the “World Cup” coming up in South Africa next year (you either live under a rock or in Mt Isa), you would be aware that since April 15th we have been waiting for the results of the first round of ticket applications to be announced from FIFA.

The draw has been done and was oversubscribed by millions. And people like me are waiting on an e-mail from FIFA. And now we are also watching our Credit Card statements online. You see, FIFA are debiting accounts and changing the online application status before sending the e-mails

I have a few mates whos CC’s have been debited the right ammount from FIFA for the tickets they applied for. But they are so sceptical after 2006 that they will not believe it until they recieve an e-mail confirmation.

As for me, NO movement on the CC or online status. But hey it still says “PENDING” so I guess I am still in with a shot.

The excitment is building and there are still 14 months to go. I am going to drive my family nuts again, I am sure.

I wonder if it is too early to add a countdown timer to my desktop?


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Gold Coast United Forum

We have a new site for the Unofficial Gold Coast United Forum.

Check it out at the new link. It is a fresh look with better navigation.

Well done to Pompey and Marksy for moving it ahead.

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Manchester United

Manchester United

These 2 words seem to either bring utter delight to the millions of supporters world wide, or utter derision from any other Football supporter. Terms like Scum are often mentioned.


The emotional response from non MUFC supporters is toxic to say the least. There is never a kind word about them on the various forums that I read from these people. I have no emotional attachment to any English football team. So it is very hard for me to have any understanding as to why these emotions manifest the way they do.

The Team

The team they have assembled at Old Trafford are arguably one of  the best teams in the world. That goes for the teams they have had for a good 15 plus years now as well. Their results in this time speak for themselves.

I really enjoy watching them play, as do I enjoy watching Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea etc. I respect the players on the park for what they can do and the joy they bring to the Football public.

I think the person I most admire though is Sir Alex Furgeson for the job he has done with the players. The same goes for Rafa Benitez and Arsene Wenger. These guys are long term managers at some of the best clubs in Europe. They bring out fantastic qualities in their players and blend them into champion teams.

The Neutral

As a neutral Football supporter it is easy for me to enjoy and praise any team I see play, without the emotional baggage that some supporters seem to carry around. I can’t believe all that negativity is good for anyone.

Agree or Disagree, drop a comment below.



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Political Correctness????

Political Correctness Gone Mad

This has nothing to do with football, but I am sick of reading stories like I did last week about the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney banning all crosses, bibles and other Christian symbols from the chapel at the hospital. Apparently they think it should be a “Non Denominational” prayer room. The hospital already has a separate Muslim Prayer room.

We live in a country that is a “Christian Country” by definition. Our calendar is filled with Christian holidays and many Australians attend various Christian churches every weekend. Our laws are based in Christianity with Oaths taken in court and parliament taken on a Christian bible.

Now I would bet my left nut that the idiot bureaucrats at RNS did not get a complaint or even consult the “Non Christian” communities about this. And even if 1 complaint was received then too bad. Majority rules.

Now I am not a racist is any way, shape or form. I am a Christian which to me, means I am accepting of ALL religions, race and color. I am happy to accept foreigners who choose to come to our country for a better life. They are also most welcome to practice their own religion. If that means setting up their own houses of worship then so be it. This is exactly what DOES happen.

I am sick to death of reading stories like this where bureaucrats change rules like this to “not offend” people of other faiths etc. Well I am offended that these bureaucrats think this is OK. Are these other religions really offended at our Christian Symbols? I think not. You may get the odd agitator who will jump up and down but they are a minority within their own groups.

We live in a great country shaped by great people over the past 220 years of “Christian” settlement, and a few million of Aboriginal inhabitation before that. Now if people choose to come here then they need to learn to live in our country withal our symbols, customs and faults. If I went to a Muslim or Hindu country I would be expected to observe their laws and customs, why should it be any different here?

Now If I did some research I am sure I could come up with a 1000 cases from around the western world where this sort of crap has happened. Not here Australia, not here. Speak up and let our leaders know what WE want.

Have a comment? Click the comment link below and let me know your thoughts.



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Gold Coast United – The New BLING?

Gold Coast United – The New Bling?

There has been much written about the GCU franchise and Mr. Clive Palmers claims of not only winning in its inaugural season but doing so undefeated.

Now this definitely raises the hackles of rival fans, administrators and players. However it is the GCU players that have to live with it on and off the park. Along with Miron Blieberg they are masters at getting media attention and stirring the pot with our rivals. Clive is a smart man and knows what he is doing.

It will be our players who have to wear the brunt of the pressure to attain such a lofty goal set by their employer. However, it is those lofty goals that got Clive Palmer where he is today. He is obviously putting pressure on his players to perform. We have assembled a decent team and it will be very interesting to see how they perform.

Are GCU the New BLING?

I suppose living on the “Glitter Strip” you would have to concede this is a tag that will stick. I mean, Sydney FC as Bling? Another boring city with millions of sour people walking around. Not here on the Gold Coast though, plenty of sunshine and girls in Bikinis how could anyone be sad? Bring on the Bling Tag I say. Our guys will be flying around in private jets so why not.


Can we win?

There are many factors that have to come together for a champion football team to win consistently let alone undefeated. A few of those would be;

1. They have to gel together

2. They have to gel with the coach

3. They have to have great off field support

Can we do it in our first season? I don’t think so. If we make it to the finals I will be ecstatic.


I am looking forward to the rivalry with our neighbors up the M1 as well as our fellow new kids on the block, the NQ Fury. I would think many away supporters would relish a weekend on the Gold Coast and I expect to see plenty at Skilled Park. I would like to think I could get to Townsville and Newcastle for an away trip.

Bring on August and round 1 against the “Brisbane Meow”



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Australia v Qatar June 6

With Australia playing Qatar on June 6 in Doha I have had some e-mails asking about tickets for the match.

Tickets to matches are the responsibility of the host nation. When we played in Qatar last year the tickets were not on sale until a few days before the match, and only available in Qatar. The FFA did not have anything to do with the ticketing and it sounds like something we will have to get used to as we travel through Asia and the Middle East.

A mate of mine who will be there again this year says that the tickets will go on sale in Doha and will copst approx. AU$10

For those of you traveling to Doha, follow this thread over at the Green and Gold Army forum for updates and tips about Flights, Accommodation and tickets for this match.



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I am now a “Twit”

Hey, I am now on Twitter.

Does that make me a Twit? There are a number of people who would say I am just making it official and public. Anyway if you want to “Follow” me click on the “Follow” button at the side and be mesmerised by my stunning wit and profound comments.

I am also on Facebook. I know, I am just one of those social butterflies who cannot get enough online buddies. SO if you want to “friend” me so I can just add you to my list and me to yours then drop by and ask to be my friend.


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2-0 to Australia

2-0 to Australia

Well, the Aussie boys kept up their end of the bargain with a well earned victory over Uzbekistan last night. I had a great time meeting up with all the regulars I see at the games. I even managed to get in amongst some traveling Uzbeki fans. A great effort to get here to support their team.

Tezza abd Uzbek Supporters

Tezza and Uzbek Supporters

I was 1 of 8 that stayed awake in the Lobby of the Novotel to watch the Qatar v Bahrain match just in case we could celebrate WC qualification last night. Alas, Bahrain scored the only goal of the match.

We will now wait until June 6 for Aus v Qatar in Doha. A single point from a draw will see us qualify. There will be a group of Aussies traveling there to see this happen. Sadly I will not be amongst them. My celebration will have to wait 4 days until I see all my Aussie mates on June 10 in Sydney for our match against Bahrain.


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